Based upon the concepts we have discussed in class, how would you evaluate Tom Sieble’s approach at C3?

Extra Credit Paper – – “Evaluate Tom Siebel”

Based upon the concepts we have discussed in class, how would you evaluate Tom Sieble’s approach at C3?

o Papers can be up to 3 pages in length, including supporting exhibits (if any).

o See the Assignment on Blackboard for detailed instructions and the grading rubric.

In a short paper (no more than 3 pages), you are to evaluate the job that Tom Siebel has done at C3. Decide if his approach to IMPLEMENTING HIS STRATEGY is a good one or not, and
defend your argument based upon the concepts we have discussed in class. Remember that you are not arguing whether or not the strategy is good, you are focused on Siebel’s implementation of the strategy.

• The first paragraph should state your conclusion and quickly articulate the reasons for your position.

• In the body of the paper, explain your position in more detail. Make specific references to course concepts. Better papers will include recommendations as to things you would have done differently, regardless of how you view Siebel’s efforts.

• Short papers are usually more effective.

I also attached a previous report written by the writer that I thought was well written called “Sonoco Products” if the writer can follow the template and similarly the context within the report as a guide when writing this new paper. I attached professor’s comments on that report too for reference on areas to fix in the current report.

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