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Hello, this is assignment module 3/1 for the nursing student which is related to the health field. I a this is also my third capstone assignment nd the previous one was done Instruction: Developing Capstone Project Format How do we know this is a problem or issue? Who needs the information about the problem or issue? What are possible solutions? How will dissemination of this researched information impact behavior? Module Description In this module, you will develop and refine your Capstone Project objective. Module Objectives Develop and refine Capstone Project objectives, content outline, and implementation/presentation strategies Decide on Capstone Project design Develop a draft of Capstone Project Select 3 peer reviewed articles addressing chosen focus area Include cultural/spiritual influences on Capstone project Reflective Journal Retrieve the Reflective Journal file that you saved to your desktop or other storage device. Record one entry during the week, saving the updated document. Reflect on 3 key points from this module Upload and submit the most current version of your Journal Capstone Journal Capstone Journal Criteria Ratings Pts Address 3 Key Points from Module for each Journal entry view longer description 50 pts Target Discuss the 3 key points selected and why they are important or memorable. 0 pts Unacceptable Does not sufficiently record connections or reflections / 50 pts Relevance and Evidence Based Practice view longer description 25 pts Target Connect RN-BSN experiences from each key point to career goals, prior nursing practice, a previous RN BSN course, nursing theories or research. Cite and reference as necessary. 0 pts Unacceptable Fails to connect RN-BSN experiences to goals, prior nursing practice, coursework, theories or research to key areas addressed or no references. / 25 pts Future view longer description 25 pts Target Describes how personal practice will be different in the future based on RN-BSN program as a result of the 3 key areas addressed. 0 pts Unacceptable Fails to describes how personal practice will be different in the future based on RN-BSN program / 25 pts Total Points: 0 Choose a submission type The following content is partner providedThe preceding content is partner provided

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I hope I can get this same writer to complete the rough draft and final powerpoint as soon as the teacher posts her instructions. This part was great! Thank you so much.

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