uld prepare a statement as if you were applying for that position

##Instructions## The Organising Committee of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris has invited applications for qualified medical staff to work in the Polyclinic based in the Athlete’s Village. The Polyclinic will be open to all athletes and accredited support staff, and will provide a full range of medical services aimed at supporting the medical staff accompanying each national team. Applicants are invited to submit a one-page statement of their view of the key priorities for medical staff working in the Polyclinic. For this assignment, you should prepare a statement as if you were applying for that position. Your document must fit on one page of standard A4 (or equivalent) paper. It will be challenging to compress the information that you want to present into this space, but the ability to write in a concise manner is an important skill. This space must include any supporting references that you choose to rely upon, and these should be listed in full at the end of the document. Remember that the Appointments Committee will not be impressed by documents that are in a font size that is too small to read (they will likely be elderly with poor eyesight), with margins that are so small as to preclude printing of the pages (they likely still read paper copies rather than electronic) or with other peculiarities. ## Format ## Assignments should be submitted in a Microsoft WORD format. Assignments MUST NOT exceed 4MB

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