Discuss the extent to which cognitive psychology has its roots in earlier schools of psychology. Does cognitive psychology offer anything above and beyond what came before?

This writing is a position statement. A position statement lets people know where you stand on a topic or debate. So you need to look at both sides of the issue/evidence but a position statement takes one position not two!

The position statement should be evidence-based, therefore it is important to support your views with academic evidence (i.e. from peer-reviewed journal articles).

The position statement should have an introduction, main body, and conclusion. You may use sub-headings if you think they improve clarity, but they are not necessary.

The information included should reflect at least some of what was covered in the course essential reading (Historical and conceptual issues in psychology, by Marc Brysbaert; Kathy Rastle, 2020, Chapter 4-5.) AND be consolidated with at least 3 additional sources of information from reliable academic papers, which you should cite according to APA format.

The paper should be 600 words or less. It would be recommended that within this word limit you try to include two main arguments/points, with supporting evidence.

There is no need for a cover page for the formative documents.

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