Innovation and entreprenurship is the class

textbook: Tidd, J. Bessant, J. (2020). Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Changes 7th edition. John Wiley and Sons Publishing

chapter 10-12 is what we are relating the case study to
1. why was frank able to successfully and rapidly implement the innovation center at FLIR CVS? What prerequisites are needed in an organization, its culture or its leadership for the implementation this type of program to succeed?
2. How can the process described in the case be improved? For instance, how might the user interaction and feedback be changed to reduce the sales aspect?
3. How can the company deal with the large number of ideas generated at the innovation center session? How can it avoid disappointing those who see good ideas that are not implemented?
4. Many participants in the workshop detailed in the case expressed concern about the rapid selection of a single concept after brainstorming sessions. Comment on the pros and cons of the methods used in workshop approaches?
5. Comment on the scalability concerns descriged at the end of the case. What issues should be considered regarding scaling of the innovation center concepts to other FLIR divisions? How can the benefits of the concept be maintained as the employees become more geographically diverse?

6. Describe two current innovation management problems that you identified in the case. Explain how each problem is an innovation management problem by relating it to the textbook listed in the syllabus. Explain how the problem is a current problem by citing content from the case document. Write a problem statement for the case study.

7. Which of the above two problems is the main problem? What criterion did you consider? Compare the two problems on your criterion and explain why your main problem is more important than the other problem.

8. Name two specific individuals or groups who are specified in the case who are stakeholders with respect to your main problem. Explain how the main problem affects each of those two stakeholders.

9. Identify at least one factor that caused your main problem. Discuss how that cause is related to content from an article or textbook chapter.

10. Describe three alternative specific solutions that are not already implemented in the case. For each solution, explain 1) how it addresses your main problem in a way that is different from the other two solutions, 2) how it addresses a cause of your main problem, and 3) why the solution will be acceptable to the stakeholders you identified above.

11. Describe a criterion on which you may compare the above three solutions. Explain why that criterion is important to the organization in the case.

12. Which of your three solutions do you recommend as the best? Compare that recommended solution with each of your other two solutions on your criterion above. Explain why that recommended solution is better than each of your other two solutions based on your above criterion.

13. What are some steps that should be taken to implement your recommendation? Describe two short-term steps, two medium-steps and two long-term steps.

14. Describe two pitfalls that may result if the organization implements your recommendation. For each pitfall, suggest what the organization could do address that pitfall.


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