Media’s Psychological and Cultural Influence on Future Generations

The paper is pretty much done I am just assigned to switch my interest paragraph into a proper research paper introduction (1 page) which I am not sure how to structure so please just change the interest paragraph section into an introduction and please check the powerpoint the professor has provided for us which I have included below to understand the CARS model which she wants for the introduction. Please read the entire paper to understand it properly and if my “interest” paragraph does help as well in order for it to be easier to write a relevant introduction. The end of the introduction also requires a “plan of development” which a sample is provided for it in the powerpoint. I personally don’t know if an introduction requires sources or not but if you as a TOP writer believe it needs sources please add scholarly ones. Let me know if anything is unclear, thank you.

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I hope I can get this same writer to complete the rough draft and final powerpoint as soon as the teacher posts her instructions. This part was great! Thank you so much.

James Raphael

This is exactly what I needed and the confidence that I am heading in the right direction to finish the assignment. Thank you so much.

Idalia Michael