Write out your practicum topic in the PICOT format.

Directions: Write a 800-1100 (maximum) word paper in APA format (not including the title and reference page) describing the statement of the problem and background of your topic. The level one headers will be Statement of the Problem, PICOT question, Background on topic, Significance to the Nursing Profession. Use 1-2 peer-reviewed articles, relevant textbooks, and/or legitimate primary sources that pertain to your topic. Sources need to be within 5 years. Remember- you are trying to find evidence that is showing that your topic is still not being addressed within the literature. Statement of the Problem: You have described your problem/practicum topic in the method of PICOT format above. Now you will state your problem in paragraph format. State the issue you will be addressing. It could be as little as one sentence but should not be more than a few sentences. Ask yourself: So what? Who cares about this problem? Why is this problem relevant?? References are not needed for this portion of the paper. You will need them later for the background and literature review. Example of a Statement of the Problem: One sentence: The problem is the lack of culturally competent and sensitivity training for healthcare personnel when caring for LGBTQ patients. Or paragraph format: Lack of training on how to provide culturally competent and sensitive care for LGBTQ patients continues to be an on-going problem among health care providers. Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare personnel should feel comfortable discussing issues of sexuality and sexual orientation when providing care. Providers should reassure patients that confidentiality is paramount when discussing sexual orientation. PICOT Question: Follow the PICOT format diagram above for your topic. Write out your practicum topic in the PICOT format. Thoroughly identify the PICOT acronym in your submission: Patient population, Intervention of interest, Comparison intervention, Outcome, Time Limit yourself to one question. Background on the topic: Now that the problem has been identified, write in APA format several paragraphs providing background information on the topic. The amount of paragraphs you write varies topic-to-topic. Sufficient background information helps your reader determine if you have a basic understanding of the research problem being investigated and promotes confidence in the overall quality of your planned intervention and/or findings. It will also aid your reader in understanding the depth of your problem. Keep this in mind because providing succinct background information can be an effective way to show that you have a clear grasp of key issues and concepts guiding your project. You should be able to back up what you claim is the problem with data or quotes and paraphrases from people who have authority on the topic (i.e.: previous research, experts in that specific field). Significance to the Nursing Profession: In APA format with one or two paragraphs, describe how your problem and future research into it can lead to a significant change in the profession. Gathering from what you have learned from this first semester, how can this problem you are witnessing lead to better practice? What are some ideas you would like to implement? How would you approach/communicate to management about this issue?

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