Analyze how race is interrogated through Dutchman and Get Out.

For our third written analysis, we will focus on writing an essay in which you use Critical Race Theory to analyze how race is interrogated through Dutchman and Get Out. Both pieces symbolically take on race and racism in the United States, and the setting and characters in both pieces operate metaphorically, though they are presented in a realistic manner. The purpose of this assignment is to learn to craft a strong, well-corroborated analysis that ethically interrogates issues of race and racism.

For this essay, we will broaden our supporting materials a bit further: you MUST reference the play and film and 2-3 scholarly sources (these can include the assigned and/or referenced articles on Critical Race Theory (there are links to most articles in the lecture review) and the documentary The 13th, or your own library research). Please note that Wikipedia,, and other such websites are not considered acceptable scholarly sources. Rather than searching the internet, start at The library interface works just like Google, but it will point you toward scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. You may also reference the online lectures and in-class discussions. Your essay should be approximately 4-6 full pages long, though more is acceptable.

My Thesis: “We fear things in proportion to our Ignorance of them, ” said Napoleon Hill. Not only does it catch my eye, but it also stood out to me. The reason for that was it shows a great deal of parallelism with Jordan Peele’s film Get Out. It also sheds a spotlight on the still prevalent racism that has plagued our society.

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