Describe an action plan for implementing the recommended alternative, focusing on the major areas of organizational change.

You are the VP of HR in a health services company that specializes in medical transcriiption services. Traditionally, your company has provided such services to primary care physician groups. However, seeing an opportunity in the industry, your CEO has just announced that the company will expand the services offered and provide transcriiption services to private, for-profit hospitals. This expansion will necessitate changes in the structure, technology, and people in the organization. The CEO has asked the leadership team to provide recommendations on the most suitable approaches for change in these areas in order to support this new strategic direction. With specific regards to the people in the organization, you have determined the workforce will need to expand by about 60%. The CEO has asked you about the viability of hiring the new transcriiptionists remotely. The current employees in this role all report to the organization’s physical location. Specifically, he would like a cost-benefit analysis of how to structure the work locations for medical transcriiptionists in the expanded organization. He has asked you to prepare a cost-benefit analysis to help guide future business decisions regarding the expansion of the workforce.

Who is involved: You (the VP of HR), the CEO (*wanting the change to occur), those that are impacted (new team and old team of transcriiptionist) because what we are trying to figure out is, where do they work at? You know that the current transcriiptionist are working at the physical location (office) but it is possible to hire in the new transcriiptionist to work remote? So you are conducting a cost benefit analysis to see if we should have them work remote? Hybrid? In office? Remember that the business objective is do we need to expand by 60%?
• APA Format 7th edition
• 7 scholarly citation, credible sources only no older than 2016
• Always connect/relate back to the scenario, make up businesses, this needs to be done like a creative writing, so bring the imagination. (review, the attached document with rubric specific information for further instructions and guidance). Please do not be vague and examples and relate it back tot eh scenario and if you can when making statements add supporting evidence from citations.
• Prepare a cost-benefit analysis that:
• Explains the costs and benefits of each alternative work location possibility (listed below) for medical transcriiptionists in the expanded organization:
o Current employees continue to work at the physical location, while newly hired transcriiptionists will work remotely.
o Current employees will no longer work at the physical location but will work remotely, along with all newly hired transcriiptionists.
o Both current employees and newly hired transcriiptionists will all be required to work at the organization’s physical location.
o When writing this section you have to think about What necessitates the change is the structure, technology and people in this organization, Not only that, but you also have to consider the approach for the change. There’s either a radical approach or an incremental approach. Discuss in great detail how do we approach each of these options for change here, and whether or not if both approaches radically and incremental is used in either of them Give examples. Most importantly, discuss what’s impacted that you want to include in your cost benefit analysis for each option is how this structure technology and the people are impacted in each option.
• Provides a recommendation and rationale of the alternative that is the best choice of action to move forward with of the 3 scenarios listed above.
• Describe an action plan for implementing the recommended alternative, focusing on the major areas of organizational change.
• Explains how this action plan will support business objectives.
o Remember the business objective is to expand by 60%
• Provides attribution for credible sources used in the cost-benefit analysis.

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