Describe ethical issues to consider when working with your family member.

Emma Washington Case Study Emma is a 13-year-old girl from a large family. She has one younger sister, one older sister, and one older brother. Her brother Tyler is married and has two children of his own. She and her two sisters live with their parents and their great-grandmother. Their grandfather lives across the street. Emma gets along well with her father but often argues with her mother and grandfather. She alternates between being close to her sisters and wanting nothing to do with them. Recently, she and Ava, her younger sister, have been fighting a great deal. More and more often, Emma takes every comment made personally—believing the speaker means it negatively about her. Her arguments with everyone in the family have left her isolated at home. She spends most of her time on the phone or Internet with friends. She spends an hour and a half getting ready every morning and is never satisfied with her appearance. She has taken up three extreme diets in the past year, giving up on them after a few weeks. When she has done well on a diet, she’s received positive comments from boys her age, but otherwise they ignore her. When considering what classes to take at school, her parents told her which ones would be most useful for getting into college for a degree to teach elementary school children. But in the end, she chose classes taught by the teachers her friends told her were the best. Though she wants to be a teacher, her parents have repeatedly told her they cannot afford to send her to college. They will support her decision if she can figure out how to pay for it. Lately, she’s been saying that she is not sure she will be a teacher. She has stopped making plans for her future and instead spends her time texting with her friends and watching YouTube videos. Emma describes herself: “I’m always social with my friends, but I try to avoid talking to my family.” “I’m overweight and likely to get fat.” “Only my friends like me. Everyone else thinks I’m stupid.” Assignment Preparation For this assignment, write a 2 page paper using the information you found related to Emma Washington development. Analyze Emma’s psychological development and her physical brain development. Based on the theory you choose, I chose psychosocial theory by erikson and find a research article that supports the theory, and the brain development of Emma describe why the character is displaying the attitudes and behaviors depicted in the case study media piece. Describe ethical issues to consider when working with your family member. Assignment Instructions: Select at least one psychosocial theory to apply to Emma Washington (age13) and review your textbook for information on the theory. Choose a theoretical concept for the age group of your member : My theoretical concept is self esteem and find at least one scholarly research article that supports this concept. Review the brain activity for Emma Washington Review the APA code of ethics to identify ethical issues to consider when working the character. By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and scoring guide criteria: Competency 1: Apply information literacy skills to topics in human lifespan development. Evaluate research from scholarly articles. Competency 2: Interpret human behaviors using theories of human lifespan development across developmental domains. Apply a psychological theory to a case study. Provide examples of contributions of biological, cognitive, or sociocultural domains. Competency 3: Explain research found in scholarly articles related to human lifespan development. Apply research findings to a case study. Competency 4: Apply ethics to problems in human lifespan development.

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