Describe the financial outcomes, such as an increase in cash flow and top-line revenue, that the project presents for the company.

Leaders need input, especially from stakeholders, to move ideas along. Having a unique, insightful product or service is just one step. Project outlines that include careful consideration of a company’s mission, opportunities, and risks can help ideas gain momentum and snowball in significance. Your goal for this assignment is to provide an outline that strongly, yet carefully, presents an argument to move your concept forward. Do your investigation of McDonalds. Specifically, look at the company’s profile, financials, and SWOT analysis. Using speculative strategies, articulate your thoughts. Remember, success may mean revenue to a for-profit business; however, to a non-profit, it may mean a specific outcome, such as donor retention rate, social media engagement, or email open rate. Draft a project outline that presents a prospective timeline and targeted customer segment of your project. The KPIs you need to consider and address in your outline are:

1. About [Product or Service Name]
[Include in this section a brief overview of your new business idea, product, or service for your selected company.]

2.Goals [Outline the goals and objectives of your project.]

3.Target Customer [This section should center on the intended customer segment for your proposed product or service. Describe the customer profile or market segment including their need for this product or service.]

4.Market Opportunity [Describe the current and potential market opportunities for your product or service.]

5.Financial Opportunity [Describe the financial outcomes, such as an increase in cash flow and top-line revenue, that the project presents for the company. Explain whether the project will be cash flow positive and profitable or whether it will be profitable in a different way.]

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