How does your issue meet the definition of a culture war? (Use Ferris & Stein for your definition and be sure to explain which cultural value(s) and norms are contested?

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Context: A very large number of culture wars have been waged in this society over the last hundred years, many are still going on. Recent and ongoing culture wars have arisen around social issues such as police violence, control of the internet, access to health care, transgender rights, environment, and sustainability, and more. An essential element of how sociologists define culture wars is that mainstream cultural values are challenged. Examples of culture wars being waged today in which opposing sides are becoming increasingly polarized include: wearing masks, remote versus in-person schooling, and voting rights. Opposing sides are positioned around American cultural values of individual choice and personal freedom versus support for the public good and the role of government.

Some, not all, culture wars also involve issues of social justice. This essay asks you to identify and discuss one example of a social justice issue that evolved into a culture war. Select one of the social issues below and address each bulleted point as you complete this second essay assignment.

Essay #2: Identify one current or recent culture war that has arisen from your general topic. In a well-developed essay, address each of the questions below.

(1) How does your issue meet the definition of a culture war? (Use Ferris & Stein for your definition and be sure to explain which cultural value(s) and norms are contested?

(2) What specific group or groups are most impacted by this issue and how are they impacted? (Remember to clarify how sociologists define groups and that groups can be affected directly, indirectly or in both ways. Here you are offering a micro level assessment.)

(3) In what way(s) does this issue divide or unite different groups in the general society? (Here you are offering a macro level assessment.)

(4) What do you see as a probable outcome of this culture war? (Hint-consider the extent to which core cultural values are affected.) Explain why you take this position. (Be sure to account for the points you have made in your essay as you formulate your conclusion.)

Format: Typewritten, double-spaced, checked for grammar and spelling. Use APA format for in-text citations and reference page. A separate title page is required.

References required: Ferris & Stein textbook, chapters 1 – 3, 4-6, 13. Other chapters and information on the Moodle course shell, as needed. National newspapers/media sources for current data.

Length: 2 ½ – 3 pages

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