Novel Project: Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman.

1. Create a Prezi or Powerpoint. To narrate the Prezi or Powerpoint, you’ll simply need to record yourself reading the text on each slide you create. *Narration is required. Please view the Final Project Resources in this module, which several helpful videos on including narration.
2. To submit the narrated prezi or powerpoint, you will first need to save the file as a PDF on your computer, and then upload it.
3. The goal of the project is to capture the message or main theme of the novel. Please check out the novel you choose from the campus library or any public library in either hard copy or digital format. Organize your presentation this way:
First slide:
• Present information about the book (title, author, and date of publication) and give a brief synopsis of it, in which you discuss the setting. Write the synopsis in one paragraph.
• Include an image of the book.
• The heading for this section should be, ABOUT THE BOOK.
Second slide:
• Provide a brief biographical background on the author in one paragraph.
• Include an image of the author.
• The heading for this section should be, AUTHOR BIO.
Third slide:
• Elaborate on 3 major critiques or arguments that the writer is making with his or her novel (a critique of politics, a critique of economics, a critique of history, a critique of a social issue, a critique of a sordid legacy in America, etc. To do this, you will have to view the novel as more than just a work of fiction: Ask why the author chose to use particular images, or scenes, or words and phrases? Even if a specific critique isn’t mentioned, you will need to suggest or infer that, when read closely, three critiques emerge. Don’t forget to spell out those critiques and describe how they’re significant to something that happened in the book.
• Include 3 quotes that are no more than two typed lines (and the page numbers) as evidence to support your claims. Page numbers for each quote must be included to receive credit! Place this content in one paragraph.
• Include a couple images that reflect the critiques.
• The heading for this section should be, MAJOR CRITIQUES.

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