What is the overall goal and structure of the program?

Objective: design a wellness program for a chosen environment with a key area of focus. Project must include all aspects of program assessment, planning, design, implementation, management, and evaluation to be considered complete. Consider this a “pitch” presentation and paper that will determine whether your program will be adopted by the given industry/area that you trying to “sell” it to. You will choose one of the following environments for your proposed program. • Moderately sized community (Rochester Hills or similar sized city) • Small business (<100 employees) • Moderate sized business • Large organization (>1000 employees) • Health system (multi-hospital health system such as Beaumont, Henry Ford, etc.) • Manufacturing company (automotive, assembly, etc.) • Service & hospitality (restaurant, hotel, etc.) • Trucking/logistics organization with >100 drivers • Telecommute-based organization (i.e. work from home or travel) Project Components: 1. Executive summary This section is a high-level summary of the program objectives and initial “pitch” and should be no more than 1 page. Include highlights and relevant details that would encourage the “buyer” to read on. 2. Program overview & needs analysis What is the overall goal and structure of the program? Program duration, timeline, strategy, etc. should all be considered. Who is the target audience? Is this program a need for the chosen environment/organization? Why is this program important and why should it be implemented? Is there data available to support this need (use actual or mock data for analysis)? What makes your program unique and innovative relative to the current market and what is available to the “buyer” today? In other words, what is your market differentiator(s)? 3. Program planning & requirements Detailed outline of the program plan, requirements, and other needs prior to implementation/launch. Include any human resources, data needs, technology requirements, IT infrastructure, etc. that will be required to successfully launch your program. Presentation should be 6 1/2 minutes. List all relevant references used during the development of your materials.

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