What Theory Best Explains WCC?

1. Find two examples of white-collar crimes in recent news articles. Apply two theories of white-collar crime to the articles.
2. Which types of rationalizations do you think are most commonly used by white-collar offenders? Are there any rationalizations that you think justify white-collar misconduct?
3. Do you think corporations cause people to commit crime? Explain.
4. Out of the many theories of crime we covered in this chapter which theory do you feel provides the best explanation for white collar crime (excluding integrated theories)? What do you think is least effective? Explain your answers.

1. Identify the components of key criminological theories that may apply to WCC.(C05)
2. Assess the applicability of various criminology theories to WCC. (C05)

Text Reference – Payne, B.K. (2022). White Collar Crime: A Systems Approach. (3rd ed). SAGE Publications.

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