What was the primary Cocaine problem during the 1990’s in the United States?

• What was the primary Cocaine problem during the 1990’s in the United States?
• Choose another country to research and compare that country to the US during the same decade. Which drugs were problematic or prevalent in the other country for that decade?
• Share stats of the US compared to another country during that decade including:
• Which demographic (age, sex, race, etc) used the drug that you researched during this decade?
• What were the motivating factors or reasons that people used the drugs during this time?
• What were the popular trends or possible political issues during this decade?
• Include photos from your decade about drug use/abuse/prevention/addiction. Describe the relevance of the drug to the decade.
• How did drug abusers’ actions impact themselves, their families, and their communities during this decade? How did the impacts of the drug compare to the other country that you chose?
• What were the treatment options at that time for users of the drug? Where there helpful meetings to attend? Where users admitted to a mental facility? Could a user go to jail for using the drug?
• How did the laws regarding the drug that you researched compare to the US during the time and another country?
• During this decade you chose, was there a popular drug culture or historical drug event that happened during this decade. Explain the event in detail including location, endurance or length of event, drug user’s profile (age, sex, etc).

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