Where would the processions begin in the early Day of the Dead celebrations?

What did you watch? What did it cover (time line, people, topics)? Early Self Help Graphics (SHG): Who began Self Help Graphics? How did they get the money? What was their goal? Where was the original SHG located at, names of streets? Early Day of The Dead: Who were the three people credited with starting Day of Dead at Self Help Graphics? What film influenced the people at Self Help Graphics with how Day of the Dead should look? What Mexican artist also used Calacas in his art during the early 1900’s? What was the date of the first Day of the Dead? Where would the processions begin in the early Day of the Dead celebrations? Who were some of the artists involved in the first Day of the Dead celebrations? Documentary info: Who are the master Altar builders that the documentary spotlights? Who are four of the people that are interviewed and what are their titles? What other topics/histories are included in the documentary?

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