Write a critical analysis of “The Watch” by Francis Cornford

Write a critical analysis of “The Watch” by Francis Cornford ( 1. Speaker Who is the speaker of the poem? What kind of person is he/she? Does the speaker address a specific audience? 2. Elements of poetry Referring to the elements listed in the elements of poetry powerpoint, how does the author of your selected work use these things? What effects do they create? How do they affect the characters in the poem? How do they affect you as a reader? 3. Setting and Situation What is the situation or context that drives the poem? What settings, general and particular, are present in this work? What effect do those choices have on the other elements of nonfiction that appear in this work? 4. Tone What is the poet’s tone? What elements evoke the tone? Is this the tone you expected based on the subject matter? Why or why not? What effects do this tone have on the elements of poetry? How does the tone affect you as a reader? 5. Diction Consider and describe the poet’s diction, including, but not limited to, the poet’s use of imagery, denotations and connotations, and creative language. Why might the poet have made the choices they’ve made? What effects are created by the use of these writing strategies? Discuss any words or images that are especially well-chosen. 6. Structure Describe the poem’s structure. Is it an open or closed poem? Explain. If the form is open, how does the poet manage line breaks? How does the form relate to the poem’s content? 7. Purpose What is the poet’s point in writing this? What’s the takeaway? What is the message? 8. Sound Consider the poem’s sonic devices and musical resonance. Does the poem use rhyme, alliteration, consonance, assonance, repitition? How do the sonice devices reinforce the poem’s tone and message? 9. Insights What insights about medicine or illness does this poem provide? What is your personal response as a reader? Why do you think you respond in this way?

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