Write a rough draft for your research paper.

Directions: Write a rough draft for your research paper. We will be completing a peer review where you must review at least three peers’ papers. Please be on time with your rough draft. Submit it early rather than late. Late papers will most likely not receive peer feedback. You will receive 20 points for your rough draft and up to 20 points for each peer review (80 points total).

Format: Your essay must be typed using 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and have 1-inch margins all the way around the page. Be sure to type your name, ENG 102-W03, and the assignment title at the top left of your paper. You should center a paper title after your heading. (Don’t forget to add in-text citations and a works cited page to your paper.) MLA 9 Style, double spaced; include heading, header, title, in-text citations, and Works Cited page

Length: Your essay should be three full pages. You will be penalized if you don’t have this amount.

Person: Third person (they, he, she, it). Do NOT use first or second person in this essay. Each paragraph should contain 6-10 sentences – varying sentence structure.

Required Sources: 5 – 7 (primary sources–the literature works– and secondary sources) Please note that information from sources should be used sparingly to support your original thoughts and arguments. All borrowed information should be properly cited and documented according to MLA standards. A bibliography/Works Cited page must be attached to the document, and it cannot count toward the required length.

Research Question: Of the topic selected, what is the most probable explanation for the mystery? Besides answering this question, the paper should do each of the following:
1. Provide the audience with a clear understanding of the context of this mystery.
This section of your paper should provide any historical narrative or descriiption necessary for the audience to understand the significance of this topic.
2. Compare/contrast at least three possible theories or explanations of the mystery.
This section should do more than describe each theory. It should strive to identify the author and context of each theory.

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