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To engage in thought leadership and advance the profession, nurse executives who conduct research or integrate innovations often share their contributions with the wider nursing community. Methods of dissemination include writing journal articles and presenting at professional conferences such as the American Organization for Nursing Leadership annual conference. Conferences are a stimulating way to try out new ideas on an audience and engage in conversations with equally passionate leaders.

For this Discussion, you will mimic the experience of a conference by sharing your identified innovation with your colleagues and inviting dialogue.
To Prepare:
Reflect on the development of your PowerPoint presentation.
Review the Learning Resources on implementing innovations and consider potential challenges to implementation.
By Day 3 of Week 11
Post your narrated PowerPoint to share with the rest of your class. Then, in your post, include a reflection of insights you have gained by analyzing the innovation and creating the presentation. If you were to implement the innovation in a current or future workplace, what challenges might there be? Explain two challenges you anticipate related to staff, leadership, systems, processes, or technology.

Cianelli, R., Clipper, B., Freeman, R., Goldstein, J., & Wyatt, T. H. (2016). The innovation road map: A guide for nurse leaders [Infographic]. Retrieved from

Rangachari, P. (2018). Innovation implementation in the context of hospital QI: Lessons learned and strategies for success. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health, 5, 1–14. doi:10.2147/IEH.S151040. Retrieved from

This is just a discussion. No title page required. Just sources cited

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