Describe Metabolic Reprogramming.

This paper is more biochemistry and needs to be about metabolic reprogramming (try to stay in the realm of diseases and/or cell differentiation). The paper should show a nuanced grasp of the roles, regulation, activity, and/or outcomes of metabolic enzymes, including PKM2, in metabolic reprogramming. You can pick the topic (remember to try to stay in the realm of diseases such as cancer or other things (mammalian) or cell differentiation) by using this site: I made sure to have it on the search for metabolic reprogramming as well as the free version (PMC (PubMedCenter)). Try to use this site for resources as well as you need a minimum of 5 references from the primary literature that are peer-reviewed journal articles and a maximum of one review article such as the optional one provided (pkm2_review). This is all at the end of the PowerPoint included. In the PowerPoint, there is also some pictures/info that pertains to the pk_oaa_glutanine pdf file which is one of the required references that you need to use. The pkm2_review pdf is optional to use. I also included grading criteria/rubrics to help you have a better understanding of what is expected. Although the files included should help understand what is needed especially the PowerPoint (specifically the last two slides) and rubric. Also, the reference page (should not be included in the five pages you would write) should be in temporal order (it is explained in the PowerPoint) meaning that it should be numbered 1-5 or however many you use and it should correspond with when they show up in the paper. Also, the in-text citations should only be the number. A good example of the reference and in-text citations would be the pk_oaa_glutamine pdf file except instead of the number being above, make it like this: ATP is great (1). Another thing to note is that if you decide to use charts/graphs/illustrations, it does not count toward pages. Something else that should be addressed is not to just reiterate everything sources say but to expand on them (something unique). If you have any questions, look at the files given, but if there are still any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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