How did Ms. Quested change from an open-minded and daring explorer to a frightened false accuser?

Study Guide for film review essay due on COM 325 Intercultural Communication /Fall 2022 Dr. Study Guide for Film Review Essay: A Passage to India(1984) (50 points) 1. This film review is a two-page double-spaced academic essay (800 + words). You certainly can write more than two pages to accomplish more. (Actually, somebody wrote more than 14 pages in the past terms.) 2. It is due by the end of . 3. Late submission is not acceptable; Email submission is not acceptable. 4. Upload your essay to Canvas>>>Week #8 >>> Film Review Essay 5. Put your EOU ID number on the paper. Don’t put your real name on the paper. 6. Use MS-Word Count to report the length at the end of your essay. 7. Prompt: A Passage to India (1984) is a highly acclaimed Academy Award film adapted from an English novel authored by E.M. Forster in 1924. It is about an audacious cross-cultural excursion that ended up in bitter and traumatic estrangement. What really happened? Please use your knowledge of deep structure differences, cultural patterns, and cultural identity to make a perceptive analysis of this tragic estrangement between good people. Please ALL of the following questions. (1) First, make a succinct recap of the story: what’s the conflict about? (2) Character analysis: How did Ms. Quested change from an open-minded and daring explorer to a frightened false accuser? How did Dr. Aziz change from an admirer of Western civilization to a fierce defender of his Muslim identity? Why was Professor Godbole so fatalistic toward cross-cultural rendezvous? (3) Why did Ms. Quested give up the accusation? Why did Mr. Fielding insist on understanding and forgiveness between Dr. Aziz and Ms. Quested? Why was Mrs. Moore so dreadful about human relationships? Why did Dr. Aziz even have difficulty trusting Mr. Fielding? (4) What’s the deep structure (- family, history, religion) cause of the misunderstanding and conflict between Englishmen and Indians in the early 20thcentury? What are the exact circumstances to trigger Englishmen’s deep-seated prejudice and stereotype toward Indians? Why did Ms. Quested suddenly feel frightened of Dr. Aziz? What made her believe that Dr. Aziz could assault her? What made Dr. Aziz hate white people in the end? What are the unverified assumptions behind this conflict? (5) What’s the difference in terms of cultural patterns between the two people? How did cultural identity play a role in escalating and perpetuating the conflict between/among the main characters? Why did the forgiveness and understanding between Ms. Quested and Dr. Aziz become so difficult? (6) What lesson have you learned from this tragic estrangement? If you were one of the characters (say Dr. Aziz, or Ms. Quested, or Mr. Fielding, or Mrs. Moore), What would you do? 8. Style of the manuscript: 1) Length: two pages, double-spaced essay (800+ words). 2) A4-size paper, with top and bottom margins set at 1.1 inches (2.79 centimeters) and left and right margins set at 1.25 inches (3.175 centimeters). 3) Format your manuscript with MS-Word (1997-2021 version). 4) Use 11 pt, “Times New Roman” or “Cambria” font. 5) No boldface font is allowed. 6) No expanded or condensed spacing between characters is allowed. 7) No extra spacing between paragraphs is allowed. 8) No header or footer is allowed. 9) No “fancy” formatting is allowed. 10) All text should be left justified. No justification of text on both the left and right sides is allowed. 11) The first-line indent of each paragraph should be set at 0.2 inches. 12) All footnotes should be single-spaced, numerically ordered, and with nine pt., “Times New Roman” or “Cambria” font. 13) Writing quality is important in this essay. If your essay has more than five flagrant grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, you will lose 10 points. 14) All direct quotations and paraphrasing should be cited in the footnotes or the “Works Cited” section with source information (author, the title of books or articles, magazine, publisher, date, page number, etc.) clearly identified. 15) All citations should follow the MLA style. This link provides you with information about MLA style: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 16) Failure to give credit to the source of borrowed information is plagiarism. 17) Plagiarism will be severely punished. You could be expelled from EOU because of this academic dishonesty. Please read the “academic integrity” section in our course syllabus. 18) Errors in citation style and manuscript format can lower your grade. In the left corner of the first page, write four lines of a single space to describe Course information Instructor information Exam information Student ID. To be specific, you should write like this: COM 325 Intercultural Communication / Fall 2022 Dr. Chen Writing Assignment: A Film Review Essay on A Passage to India (1984) Submitted by: Your EOU Student ID number here

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