List of suggested science fiction movies.

This lab will involve selecting a science fiction movie with an astronomy theme that relates to our 1010 course material (The Solar System including its formation, current conditions, the properties of all objects that are part of it, and the history of how our model developed over time) watch the movie, and write a review.

List of suggested science fiction movies. This list is not all inclusive. If you want to use a movie that is not on this list, contact the instructor for approval.
Any Star Wars movie
Any Star Trek movie
Any pilot of these science fiction TV series: any Star Trek spin-off, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Space 1999, Far Scape
Armageddon, Deep Impact
Any Mars-based exploration movie
2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010: A Space Odyssey
The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, Space Cowboys
Europa Report
Salvation, Firefly (TV Shows)
The Martian
Required content. The movie review will include a 1 page (minimum) plot summary followed by a 2 page (minimum) discussion of the particular aspects of the movie which are astronomy related. The discussion must include an identification of the aspects of the movie that deal with astronomical issues and an explanation whether they are scientifically correct or not. Certain issues are common to most sci-fi movies (see list below). Discuss at least 3 of the aspects from the list below that are included in the movie you selected. Beyond those general sci-fi movie aspects, discuss several scientific aspects that are unique to the movie you selected. Discuss a minimum of 6 astronomical issues including at least 3 from the general list below. (Please note that some of the movies which would meet the requirement for this lab are based on future events. You need not discuss whether these events are possible.)
Sound in space
Artificial gravity
Faster than light travel
Space battles and explosions
Visible laser weapons (personal and space ship) and/or other futuristic weapons
Alien life, civilizations
Exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars)
Communication methods (i.e. person to person, person to ship, ship to ship, ship to Earth)
Futuristic gadgets (transporters, food replicators, medical/environmental scanners, intelligent robots, etc.).
Required Format. You must use 10 to 12 pitch type of a common font such as Times Roman or Arial, no more than double spaced. Your margins should be 1 – 1.5 inches. If you go with the default settings of any word processor you will be fine.
Required References. Any information that is quoted directly or paraphrased from someone other than yourself must be properly acknowledged in the text (if you are not sure, use the MLA format) and the sources must be listed on a separate “References” page. List your sources with the full reference information that allows the instructor to locate them directly and without difficulty.

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