What does the term “midwife” mean to you? What do you think it means to the public where you live?

1. What does the term “midwife” mean to you? What do you think it means to the public where you live?
2.How are nurse-midwives licensed in your state (as a midwife or APRN)? What is your opinion on this and why?
3. Name one situation it may make sense to introduce yourself as an APRN and a situation where you would introduce yourself as a midwife?
4.Does the definition of nurse-midwifery practice in the state regulations match the definition from the ACNM?
Be familiar with the standing documents of ACNM and key position statements such as the joint statement, collaborative management, and the culture of safety.
5.Is the scope of practice for nurse-midwives in your state to the full extent of their education and training, or does it require a formal written supervisory or collaborative agreement with physicians?
6. What is your opinion about state requirements for written agreements with physicians?
7.What is the difference between certification and licensure? What are the benefits of certification to you and your clients?
8.Does your state have birth center regulations? If so, is accreditation required? What are the pros and cons of accreditation?
9.Do CNMs in the hospitals collaborate with community birth midwives in your area? What can CNMs do to strengthen and improve the safety of transfers from home or birth center to the hospital when transfer is needed?
10.What legislative issues is your state’s Affiliate of ACNM working on?
11.Is your state nurses’ association working on any legislative issues that might impact nurse-midwives (or patients served) in your state?

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