What role does self-sacrifice play in Erdrich’s “The Shawl?”

Organize your response around a single point, or thesis. Use specific, quoted evidence from the text to support your interpretations and observations. Draw from the discussions that we have had so far to inform your responses, but make sure to avoid plagiarism. To ensure that you are avoiding plagiarism, don’t use any exact language from any of the posts, and make sure that your original ideas, not someone else’s ideas from the discussion board, are at the forefront of your essay responses. Any exact words from the stories must be quoted using quotation marks. The exam questions are as follows: 1.In Sherman Alexie’s “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona,” Victor’s father is an important character who is defined not by his presence, but by his absence. What is the significance of this “presence through absence?” Support your answer by referring to specific examples from the story of this absence. (For example, he is both dead and in a state far from Washington, a double absence.) 2.What role does self-sacrifice play in Erdrich’s “The Shawl?” Support your answer by referring to specific examples from the text, and note that there are many, some more obvious than others What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona.

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