Write a persuasive letter ( to the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, asking him to change a policy, program, or behaviour regarding one of the issues we have discussed in class.

Objective: Write a persuasive letter ( to the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, asking him to change a policy, program, or behaviour regarding one of the issues we have discussed in class. Your proposed solution must be realistic and workable. You must choose a social justice issue (a problem that focuses on the inequality of opportunities faced by members of society) that directly relates to one of the reading we have covered in COM101. Once you have identified an issue, you MUST send the topic and a brief description of why you chose the topic and how it relates to a class reading in an email to me no later than. Your topic must be approved by me first! Step 1: IDENTIFY YOUR AUDIENCE, PROBLEM, SOLUTION AND POTENTIAL RESEARCH AREAS Your message must be addressed to a real person at a real place and deal with a real issue (even though you are actually sending it to me). In other words, it is your job to research a mailing address for the Premier and clearly identify the problem, as well as a plausible solution. What problem are you identifying in this letter? How much does your reader know about this problem already? How much will you have to explain? What do you want the reader to do about the problem? Why should the reader accept your proposal? What research might be helpful in convincing the reader to consider your problem and proposed solution? Step 2: DECIDE ON THE APPROPRIATE STYLE / STRATEGIES Based on your purpose, audience, and message, decide what style and tone will be most effective in appealing to your reader. How will you establish a relationship or common ground with the reader? How will you support your argument? How will you establish your credibility? Step 3: WRITE A DRAFT Begin with your purpose: tell your reader why you are writing. Consider whether you need to introduce yourself to the reader and how to frame your message. The following sections might be helpful for the rest of your message: Background. What situation led to the writing of this email? What is your personal connection to the problem? Problem. How will you present the problem to your reader? Will it help to situate the problem in a larger social, economic, or political context? (Possible research area!) Proposed solution. What are you asking for? Propose a specific, realistic solution. (Possible research area!) Benefits. Who will benefit from the change? How will the reader (and their organization) benefit from the change? (Possible research area!) Challenges or obstacles. What is standing in the way of your proposed solution? What objections will the reader have? Addressing these obstacles strengthens the persuasiveness of your message. Conclusion. Here you might want to summarize your key points. How do you want to end the letter? How do you want the reader to respond? Incorporate two to three research sources and use APA to integrate and cite all your research. This means you will have in-text citations in the letter AND a references page. Consider how to format your message so that it is easy to grasp. Your reader is probably busy. Set up your message as if it were an actual letter, but because this is also an assignment, please double-space the message. Step 4: PROOFREAD! ***NOTE: Under no circumstances will any form of plagiarism be tolerated. If you have copied from the internet, used a website bot, purchased an old assignment from third-party websites, copied from a friend/relative’s work, or any other action deemed in violation of the Student Code of Conduct, you will receive an immediate zero with no opportunity to redo the assignment. By submitting via Blackboard and using SafeAssign, you are stating that the work submitted is solely yours. Grading checklist: Format and organization Letter is addressed to a real person with a complete mailing address Letter is double-spaced (for grading purposes) Material follows a clear organizational pattern Material is formatted so that it is easy for the reader to follow and absorb the information Content Problem/topic was pre-approved by professor by the assigned due date of November 16, 2022 Problem is clearly identified; reader can understand the scope of the problem without having to ask for more information Proposed solution is realistic and explained fully Benefits to the solution are presented clearly At least two pieces of credible and relevant research (from different sources) are used to support the proposal You show how your research is connected to your points Research is integrated properly (with lead-ins and in-text citations and a correct References page) Style & rhetorical strategies Tone is appropriate for the audience and situation You use appropriate rhetorical strategies to create a relationship with the reader You use appropriate rhetorical strategies to establish your ethos (for example, drawing on own experience, acknowledging limitations, presenting a balanced view, writing clearly and correctly) Grammar & mechanics Writing is clear and concise Grammar errors are minimal and do not interfere with meaning Letter has been proof-read carefully for mechanical errors (typos, improper capitalization, missing words)

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