development of infancy and early childhood

Theory is a guide to practice. A strong theoretical perspective informs social work assessments and shapes social work interventions at both the individual and systems levels. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to integrate the abstract study of theories with real-world application. The idea here is to connect theory to practice.

Use a developmental perspective in critically considering the case study using the questions below. Focus primarily on the psychosocial elements of development.

flow chart.png

Observation- What is happening here? Use the terminology and concepts of the developmental stage to describe the circumstances of the case study. You do not need to summarize or recap the developmental stage, instead plug the abstract theory into the specifics of this case to show how the principles play out in real life.
Conceptualization- Why is this happening? Describe how the developmental perspective explains the behavior of the individual or system in the case study. From a developmental perspective, why are the people in this study doing the things they are doing?
Interventions- What is needed here? From a developmental perspective, what interventions are needed to support the client system? Describe what makes the proposed interventions well-suited for this developmental stage.
Describe any way that a developmental perspective is limiting to the individual and the system in the case study. What information does developmental theory fail to consider, or what important intervention does it neglect?
Prepare written answers to the assessment questions using APA format. There is no requirement as to length, but generally these questions can be fully answered in 1 page or less.

Be prepared to discuss your answers in class.

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