How does Adam’s creation compare with Eve’s?

After reading Books 8, 9, 10 & 12 of Milton’s Paradise Lost, answer the following questions in this discussion board. Be sure you answer in complete sentences and use at least two (2) quotes from the poem to support each of your answers. Include proper MLA in-text citations.

1. Look back at Book 4, lines 797-810. How does Satan’s first encounter with Eve function with his direct temptation of her in Book 9, line 495 and following? What is the nature of temptation as Milton portrays it in the poem?
2. Satan, Sin, and Death might be considered a parody of the Trinity. Why does Milton suggest a resemblance (albeit a perverted resemblance) between them? How does the Christian underpinning in Milton’s epic compare with Spenser’s?
3. How does Adam’s creation compare with Eve’s? What is the purpose in the differences and contrasts of their respective creation?

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