Logistics System Design

Logistics System Design

You are required to write a report on the use of any one of the taught tools and techniques (Example: Using Decision Trees) – (you are requested to review the PPT files and make them the reference for writing the paper). Study, observe or conceptualize some business processes in Oman from the perspective of the application of the tools and techniques. The selected Omani business can be a small business such as a grocery, coffee shop, etc. State a problem, formulate it and present a solution. You can use one or a combination of the taught topics to address one of the Omani real-world issues.

The report should be structured around the following heads:
1. Title
2. Introduction (Situation i.e., Business context, processes, etc.)
3. Statement of problem
4. Formulation of problem and providing the complete solution
5. Giving managerial implications (interpreting the results and giving practical recommendations to managers of the company)
6. Bibliography: You should follow the following instructions for citations

Instructions: Your report should not exceed 10 A4 size doubly spaced typed pages, using 1 inch margins on all sides. The font size should be 12. References to be cited using the APA system.

In the BIBLIOGRAPHY section at the end of the report, entries must be laid out as follows:
Journal articles: Author surname, initial(s). (date of publication), Title of article, Journal name, Volume number, Issue number, first page – last page.

Books: Author surname, initial(s). (date of publication), Title, place of publication.

You are NOT allowed to cite websites.

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