promotion mix and its relationship to the product type and target market


This Assignment addresses promotion mix and its relationship to the product type and target market. Describe the product life cycle and how it leads to innovation in an organization.

The Assignment

You are to choose a television, radio, Internet or print advertisement that illustrates product, pricing, promotion and placement as marketing terms and concepts. First of All, you must make your choice appropriately! No foul language, overly suggestive or inappropriate examples will be accepted! If you have a concern about your choice, e-mail your instructor and ask for permission or opinion.

You must describe the advertisement, perhaps providing a YouTube video, or link to a website as appropriate. If you use an advertisement from television or a non-video advertisement, you should describe the advertisement or put in an image if available from an Internet site, or drop in a photo taken with your phone.

Next, you are to write fully and completely about the aspects of Product, Pricing, Promotion and Placement that you see with the product or service featured in this advertisement.

You will be answering the following questions:

What is the product or service?
How is the pricing affected or effective for this example?
What elements of promotion make this type of advertising effective?
Specifically, why is this type of advertising chosen with placement in mind?
Who is the specific target audience, and why is this mode of advertising chosen? What hints in the advertisement give this away?
What magazine, radio station, television channel or other medium was used and why do you think it was chosen?
Describe the product life cycle and its importance when developing products and promoting products.

Using the chapter resources provided, you are to demonstrate that you understand these marketing concepts.

Grading Criteria

Important: Click here for Grading Rubric.


Acceptable Length: This assignment must be a minimum of four paragraphs long and a maximum of four paragraphs. Answer the questions in essay format. Do not type the question.

Formatting Requirements: You must use Microsoft Word software.

Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title at the top of the document.
Use one-inch margins.
Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.
Use double line spacing in the document.
Cite your sources at the end of your document using MLA format.
For more information on MLA format, please review this link:
Works Cited Page Guide (opens in new window)

You may also review how to properly cite an electronic source here:
Electronic Source Citations (opens in new window)

Grading Criteria

Your grade will be based on how well you organize, compose and write, and explain each answer. You must not plagiarize! Make the words your own, and cite properly! 100 points
To Submit: Using Microsoft Word, save the document with a filename that reads as follows: lastnamefirstinitialM6Written. For example for Joe Doe, the file name would be doejM6Written. Upload the Assignment by the due date as set in the Syllabus and Class Schedule.

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