Value and Ethics Case Study Assignment Uvalde, Texas.

Values and Ethics Case Study Assignment

Case Study: Uvalde Mass Shooting

Six double spaced pages excluding references. Utilize Chicago Manual of Style.

Please provide a cover page with your name, course section and date.

In this assignment, you are asked to write a case study of an ethical dilemma related to contemporary education, including a descriiption of the context, the individuals involved, the controversies observed, and the arguments made on all sides.

To begin, research the topic of arming teachers in public schools. Your sources should be limited to the New York Times, Bergen Record, Star Ledger, and other major newspapers.

Your values and ethics case study should answer these questions:

Part One (3 pages):

How do you summarize the ethical perspectives in understanding inequities in the distribution of power and resources in the case of arming teachers in public schools?
How do you analyze the distribution of power and resources and their implications at the local, national, and international level in this case?
Ultimately, what is your ethical argument regarding arming teachers in public schools?
Part Two (3 pages)
Can you articulate and evaluate the forces that have shaped individual and group identity for the people involved in this case, in the past and/or present?
Imagine engaging with a real person featured in this case study. What would you say? Now imagine yourself being at the center of this case study. How might you behave?

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