What compensation package and “pay for performance structure” was given to the CEO?

For this Minor Project, you will select an American company that interests you and evaluate their use of CEO goal-setting and performance measurement to help you assess their “Pay for Performance” structure. This information will be found in the company’s annual proxy statements and other publicly-filed documents (use this linkLinks to an external site. if you need help).

In a 2-3 page research paper discuss the following:

1.What compensation package and “pay for performance structure” was given to the CEO? (.5 page)

2. Does the company’s use of goal setting and performance measurement make strategic sense for that company? (.5 page)

3. Select and research 2 “peer” companies and discuss any differences or similarities you found in compensation or performance structure. Do the peer companies use different practices that should be adopted? (.5 to 1 page)

4. Based on your readings from this week what do you observe to be the major differences between this CEO’s compensation package and the rest of the company’s non-executive employees? (.5 to 1 page)

Remember: Don’t forget that all major and minor research papers require APA formatting (which is not included in the page count). In addition, each paper should include Times New Roman and double-spaced formatting. For this paper utilize multiple sources in your research.

Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Strategic Approach Links to an external site.- Pynes, Joan E. – Chapter 7, 229-231—uploaded

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