Describe the techniques used for analysis and interpretation of data.

Research Questions and Methods in your Chosen Professional Role
By Day 7 of Week 2, submit a 2- to 3-page paper that discusses research questions in your chosen field and what research methods have been used to answer these questions. First, find three journal articles that are actual studies (not review articles, background information, etc.) that are from your field of interest. Discuss what research questions have been asked in your field. How were the studies were carried out (methods)? What have the findings been? What questions still remain? NOTE: For the articles that you find for this section, don’t write about each one separately. Rather, synthesize the information.
Next, propose your own study to answer a specific research question from your chosen field. What is your research question? Be as specific as possible. Why is this an important question or area to study? What are two specific hypotheses stemming from your research question? Finally, discuss the specific research methods needed to answer your research question. Give some detail. Why is this the best method to use? What kind data will you collect? What is / are your IV(s) and DV (if applicable)? Conclude by discussing how your proposed study will contribute to your chosen field.
Section 3: Critiquing Research Articles
By Day 7 of Week 3, submit a 3- to 4-page paper that analyzes two research articles of your choosing that are related to your chosen field. Your analysis should include a descriiption of the purpose and methodology of each study and the authors’ interpretation of the findings. Be sure to address the following issues as they apply to your particular chosen studies:
• Explain the purpose of the study, including the theoretical frame of reference (if any).
• Identify variables and hypotheses.
• Explain the method of the study.
• Describe the research design used.
• Describe the sample that was studied.
• Explain which type of sampling was used. Note the sample size.
• Provide information on the data collection procedure(s) and operationalization of variables. Note the type of data-gathering instrument.
• Describe the techniques used for analysis and interpretation of data.
• Provide a brief summary of the findings of the study and the authors’ interpretation of the findings.
For the critical analysis portion of this paper, do the following:
• Identify and explain the strengths and limitations of the research design, data analysis used, and the author or authors’ conclusions.
• Describe any variables that were not included in the study that you think could have been included.
• Offer any alternative or additional explanations of the findings that the researchers did not consider.
Section 4: Contributions to Positive Social Change
By Day 7 of Week 4, submit a 1- to 2-page paper that discusses a particular aspect of your chosen professional role within the context of social change. For example, you might discuss being a counselor who provides pro-bono counseling to abused women or being a sports psychologist who offers visualization training for at-risk youth involved in school sports.
Explain why you chose your particular example and why it is important to include an aspect of social change in both career and personal endeavors. Next, explain the particular web map of social activity that would result from your chosen example.

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