How can having social media accounts/posting affect the professional image of nurses?

How can having social media accounts/posting affect the professional image of nurses? What can nurses do to enjoy social media without compromising their profession?
Please write at least 3 to 4 sentences reply to these 4 comments
C1/ social media is everything these days. If you want to know someone the first thing everyone does is look them up on social media. Nurses must be carful what they post and how it will be perceived by the people in the community. Nurses are held to a higher standard than most in our communities. Social media accounts to someone that does not know you is who you are, even if you don’t mean everything you post on the internet. To enjoy social media without compromising the nursing profession they must be careful what they post and who they allow to see their posts. Act like everything you post will be seen by everyone you know and don’t know and will be available forever, because the internet is forever. Lastly all it takes is one nurse on the internet to post something they shouldn’t have for a whole profession to be seen in a bad light. That is why it is importation for nurses to be a step above everyone else on the internet.
C2/ social media can affect the professional image of nursing positively or negatively. A nurse using social media to complain about work or patients, post inappropriate content or wrong information about health practices are examples of things that can have a negative impact on nursing’s image. It can create the idea that nurses are untrustworthy or unknowledgeable when posting certain information. There is also the risk of HIPPA violations when doing this. Positive impacts are information sharing, such as guiding others to groups or discussions about their illness. Posting positive things about work and your duties has the potential to create a positive image as well. Social media can be a helpful tool for the education of current nurses, nursing students, and people in general. Nurses can enjoy social media without compromising their image by keeping work and personal accounts separate, being cautious, keeping their profile private and not adding patients they have cared for on their personal pages.
C3/ In Nursing social media can have a positive or negative impact. As a nurse you have to be mindful as to what you post about. if a nurse is posting about personal views and or pictures of un appropriate acts could affect their professionalism and how a patient may view them as a nurse. When I think of what a nurse I would want someone who is well rounded, dependable, caring and companionate. Social media is not private by any means, so patients could look up your account. I believe if you use social media as a tool to gain knowledge, support or as a means to communicate or share photos with family it could be beneficial. Often times we express our thoughts on issues and do not stop to think who might view it. I think if nurses keep their social media to clean, they will have nothing to worry about. What you do in your own time you should not blast it on social media unless you would show it in an interview.
C4/ A nurse can impact their professional image in a positive or negative way. If a nurse gets on social media to complain about their job or what they encountered that day, it can cause an issue for them. With social media everyone can see what is being posted whether we know it or not. One way that a nurse can protect her social media is by keeping it private. It can also help to really look at who you are adding back before doing so because they could potentially post something and tag you in it which could cause trouble for you. HIPPA has very strict rules and regulations and it is important to understand all of those before engaging in social media.

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