Is it Justifiable to sacrifice individual rights for collective security?

1. The role of the “Positivist” Theory of Law in contemporary American Law and Society.
2. The history and evolution of Natural Law.
3. H.L. Hart’s view of Positivism and its Implications
4. Natural Law and its relevance and the American Legal System
5. Augustine’s Impact’s impact on Jurisprudence 6. Thomas Acquinas’ impact on Jurisprudence
7. Is it Justifiable to sacrifice individual rights for collective security?
8. Unger identifies the most important principles of the Critical Legal Studies (CLS) movement. What are they and how might they help (by way of comparison to Dworkin’s jurisprudence) to explain how law and a legal system operates?
9. The merits of liberal feminism and its impact upon English legal system.
10. Criticall examine the relevance/influence of Positivism to modern society
11. Can the rule of law ever be a realistic or successful aspiration for a socialist state? Use current socialist system as point of reference.
12. The central tenets of anarchism are so distinct from those of naturalism and the two could never be reconciled. Discuss
13. Analyze and critically assess the claim that Human Rights require a universal set of moral foundations.
14. Why we obey law: Positivism or Naturalism? 15. Critically evaluate Lord Devlin’s claim that the central function of criminal law is simply to enforce a moral principle and nothing else.
16. To what extend should (and can) the law be treated as separate from Politics and Economics? An Autopoetic Examination of the rule of law.
17. To what extend is Dworkin’s Model of Rights reflected in the Jurisprudence of the European Convention of Human Rights?
18. Does Rawls provide a model of law that successfully balances individual wants and needs of the greater good?
19. The Common Law Model has been identified as essential to the Legal Origins tradition, which enables harmonization of laws through structural development. To what extend is this model being successfully employed in enhancing the rule of law and liberalization of economies in developing countries? Is there a place for Morality in the Rule of Law?
20. Is there a place for Morality in the Rule of Law?

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