What do you feel the are most important points about globalization, both pro and con?

This is a difficult time to figure out how you feel about globalization! Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions on Russia, plus supply chain issues because of Covid, the topic has become even more complicated. News is changing all the time. If you were following effects of globalization before the invasion, and had a good grasp of the underlying concepts, you are probably a bit confused now.
If you have never heard the term “globalization” don’t worry – at this point even experts don’t know what to expect next!
Economic globalization refers to increasing interdependencies through global trade. To simplify, it is when countries sell (export) those resources (or services) they have in abundance, and buy (import) those they do not. There is also cultural and intellectual globalization (think about McDonalds everywhere vs. the supermarket “international” section). The articles and videos above go into some depth – but things keep changing.
After reviewing this week’s information on globalization, please write a reflection (at least one page) that incorporates concepts from articles and videos, as well as your own perspectives on globalization. Feel free to include what you learn from other resources.
Which articles (or videos) do you feel were most effective? Persuasive? Why?
What do you feel the are most important points about globalization, both pro and con?
Do you feel the last few years have changed the future of globalization? If so, how?

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