What does it mean to be an effective curriculum leader?

Research best practices and current standards for your issue. What do the “experts” recommend students learn and what methods do they suggest are the best avenue for learning? Consider both developmental and content recommendations.

Identify, read, and analyze at least 6 pieces of literature ( articles/books) pertaining to your curriculum topic or question/problem.
Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review: See the Model Resources page for General Resources and Specific Resources for this assignment.

Effective curriculum development is not a one-time activity that is left to linger on the shelf within a school building, but a continuous process that is part of a subsystem of the culture of a school; the end result being teacher growth and greater student achievement. This unit will present curriculum work as an active process, and the roles within both the administrative (management) work and the dynamic (visionary) work that is needed to establish a culture of continuous improvement in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Curriculum work is an essential role of leadership in schools. You have begun that work in the past three weeks by keeping informed of district, state, and national policies and initiatives; by reviewing student achievement; keeping up-to-date on current research; becoming familiar with current curriculum designs and developments in the field and assessing teacher resources. These tasks are a vital part in your leadership of curriculum development. Acting on this work will bring more efficiency and effectiveness to the present work being done in your school. It is at this juncture that the effective curriculum leader begins to make the decision to move forward from where your school is to a growth model for students and staff toward their enhanced future. Questions to guide your work are:

What does it mean to be an effective curriculum leader?
What are the tasks of curriculum leadership?
How do effective curriculum leaders bring meaning to the work?Senechal, D. (2020-2011). The spark of specifics: How a strong curriculum enlivens classroom and school culture.

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