Describe an organizational change model that can be used in a dynamic health care environment.

Describe an organizational change model that can be used in a dynamic health care environment. Based on this model, how is organizational change is managed? What role do stakeholders play during organizational change?
An organizational change model that can be used to make significant changes within a health care system is the Kotter’s 8-step process. This model is based on finding a need for change, gaining support, implementing a plan for the change, effectively communicating the change, anticipate and remove obstacles, find initial wins and accomplishments to continue to motivate the change, make any adjustments as needed based on initial issues, and solidify the change. Walking through Kotter’s 8-steps is the exact process that currently takes place in most health care organizations when attempting to improve upon processes and policies based on evidence-based practice. The CDC recently published an article discussing the benefits for this particular change model. Their main conclusion is that Kotter’s change model allowed for care-gap closures and improved many areas of organizational concerns such as efficiency, patient safety, and the overall culture. Anyone who is involved in an organization that is attempting to adapt and implement change based on organizational change model is considered a stake holder. Providers, members of the community the organization serves, administration, political officials, other organizations that interact with the facility, just to name a few (Fiori et al, 2018). These stakeholders must also be communicated with regarding change that can effect their function and role within the organization. They also need to know the implemented change in order to continue with the success and not be seen as an obstacle.

Fiorio, C. V., Gorli, M., & Verzillo, S. (2018). Evaluating organizational change in health care: the patient-centered hospital model. BMC health services research, 18(1), 95.

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