Describe required national certification

The focus of this assignment is to help you better understand the various components of and appreciate the importance of Nurse Practice Acts, scopes of practice, and the NCSBN Consensus Model. This is helpful for all nurse leaders working as an advance practice nurse, in education, and leadership. It of course is important to understand this for APRNs, but it is also important to understand the scope of practice of all members of your interdisciplinary team.

Although several websites are appropriate this week, be sure to utilize your textbook and a peer-reviewed journal article as well to support your discussion. In addition, remember to provide your answer in sentence and paragraph form following APA format with at least one citation for each question response.

This week you will explore Nurse Practice Acts, Scope of Practice, and the NCSBN Consensus Model.

Compare and contrast two (2) Nurse Practice Acts addressing the following:
a) Identify each state

b) Outline the APRN Title

c) Discuss the APRN Scope of Practice including prescriiptive authority

d) List the APRN education requirements

e) Describe required national certification

Let’s explore the NCSBN Consensus Model. Use the Implementation Status link on the NCSBN Consensus Model website to review the following information.
a) Identify the goal of the NCSBN Consensus Model.

b) How does the state of ohio Nurse Practice Act compare to the NCSBN Consensus Model?

c) Which states are in full compliance with the Consensus Model?

d) Which states are the least compliant?

e) What are the educational requirements identified by the NCSBN Consensus Model for all APRNs?

f) How does the educational requirements at NKU compare with those identified in the NCSBN Consensus Model for APRNs?

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