Describe the system optimization gap or problem identified within the context of the information you discovered in the literature from part B.

Create a paper on the first part of a formal system optimization proposal, using the attached “NI System Optimization Proposal Template.” This document will guide you on the proper formatting and structure for your proposal as well as the content of each section. Specifically, you will complete the following sections: the introduction, literature review, and summary table of scholarly sources. You will also complete the first three main phases of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) (2018) system development life cycle (SDLC). These phases include planning and analysis, designing and building, as well as implementing and testing. Part F lists each of the activities that you will include in this task.

A. Complete the “Introduction” section of the template by including the following:
• the topic and rationale for your proposal (my proposal is to create a banner on the coversheet of a patient’ electronic health record that showcases the patients current mobility status from the nursing assessment)
• the background information on the problem or gap addressed in your system optimization proposal
• the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Triple Aim mission and goals and how they relate to the purpose of the system optimization proposal
• the optimizing of a system to monitor and report progress on one aspect of a IHI Triple Aim dimension
1. Describe the theoretical framework that underlies your proposal and recommend a process for developing your system optimization change, innovation, or improvement.

B. Review 10 scholarly sources related to your proposal in the “Review of Scholarly Sources” section of the template by doing the following:

Note: Sources may be obtained from governmental and professional organizations, industry experts, or credible websites.

1. Complete the “Summary of Top 10 Scholarly Sources” table by identifying the key points from each of the 10 sources, using the criteria listed in the template.
2. Summarize and synthesize the 10 sources from your “Summary of Top 10 Scholarly Sources” table and how they impact your proposal. Your summary and synthesis should support your specific course proposal.
3. Describe the system optimization gap or problem identified within the context of the information you discovered in the literature from part B.

C. Complete the “Phase I: Planning and Analysis” section by doing the following:
1. Discuss the process and results of the planning phase.
2. Describe the procedures you followed to complete your needs assessment.
a. Provide a stakeholder table that includes the roles, qualifications, and reason for involving these stakeholders.

3. Discuss the results of the gap analysis.
4. Discuss the results of the workflow analysis.
5. Discuss the results of the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis that you completed during your CPE to determine organizational readiness for this proposal.
6. Summarize your findings regarding the feasibility of implementing this change.
7. Describe how your proposal will address the identified gap or need.

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