Identify data related to a trend from the perspective of promoting health.

In order to complete this activity, you may choose to build on your prior exploration of a healthcare trend or select a trend that is new to you.

Imagine you are working with a healthcare team to improve outcomes related to your trend. You are required to provide inputs of current evidence and data sources related to the trend.
Use the Module Five Activity Trend Evidence Worksheet (attached) to record your findings. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

CDC Data: Identify data related to a trend from the perspective of protecting the population. Use the Data & Statistics webpage on the CDC website and select the topic most closely related to the trend available on the page. You may need to conduct further research and select other links to identify one specific data point or data set related to the trend.
Healthy People Data: Identify data related to a trend from the perspective of promoting health. Use the Healthy People 2030: Browse Objectives webpage of the Healthy People website. Click on a topic of interest and choose a specific objective. This will allow you to view current trend data related to the objective. Click on “See detailed data for this objective” to see how the trend changed over time. For the purposes of this activity, avoid objectives labeled “Developmental,” as they will not yet have data. Instead, look for objectives that are “Improving,” “Getting worse,” have “Little or no detectable change,” or are “Baseline only” to access data.
Local Data: Explain how to find additional sources related to a trend from the practice setting perspective. Consider at least two local data sources in your work. Use the following questions to guide your response. You also have the option of discussing these with others in your practice setting.
What type of data are you looking for?
What roles or departments in your practice setting would you need to interact with to obtain the data?
What steps would you follow to access the data?
Locating Scholarly Sources: Select two scholarly articles on the identified trend through a literature search. We recommend using the following databases from the Shapiro Library to support your work:
CINAHL Complete from EBSCO
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition from EBSCO
Evaluating Scholarly Sources: Compare differences and similarities between the selected scholarly sources. Address the following questions as you work:
What is the trend?
What is the significance of the trend?
What are the trend’s driving factors?
How are the findings in the sources similar or different?

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