The Interconnected World: The Global Economic Crisis.

The Interconnected World: The Global Economic Crisis

Watch the 4-part film The Interconnected World Answer one of the following questions in the discussion post on the Discussion Board. As usual, comment on the post above and below yours.

1. If you were a policymaker in China, which of the emerging challenges identified in the film—dependence on export income, growing income inequity, dissatisfaction with working conditions, resource constraints—would you make it your top priority to address? Which would be your second, third, and fourth? Why? Do you think anything has changed since this film was made?

2. Given the country’s prospects for significant oil revenue in the near future, why do you think the IMF has placed emphasis, in its advice to Ghana, on the need to get the country’s budget deficit under control? How could failure to achieve this undermine the potential of oil revenues to transform the country’s economy and the lives of its citizens?

3. The film notes that Poland’s economic transformation came with a down side, particularly for those who lost their jobs and found it difficult to find work in the market economy. Are there other potential adverse consequences of a transition from a planned to market economy? If so, how can policymakers address these consequences to minimize their negative effects on citizens?

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