What was the harm form Dupont’s behavior discussed in the documentary?

Before starting your discussion for this week, you should watch the documentary “The Devil we Know”. This documentary chronicles the discovery and legal battle surrounding a chemical byproduct from the creation of Teflon. You probably have used many products that have Teflon. But the most likely is your cooking pans. Teflon is the product that reduces sticking when you are cooking with a Teflon lined pan. This documentary highlights many key issues related to environmental crime and corporate crime. Including agency capture, cost-risk analysis, hazardous waste health harms, and issues with proving harm and bringing wrongdoers of illegal dumping of hazardous waste to justice.

You can find the documentary “The Devil we Know” on a few different streaming services for between $2.99 and $4.99. You can find links to various streaming movie distributors that have the movie to rent here.
After watching the documentary answer the following questions.

1. What was the harm form Dupont’s behavior discussed in the documentary?
2. How did the hazardous chemical c-8 spread into the community?
3. How did the community respond to Joe Kiger when he brought his lawsuit against Dupont? Where you surprised by the community action? Explain your thinking.
4. Describe the battle to prove fault on the part of Dupont in this case. How did it play out? Provide a brief overview of the challenges of proving fault/ harm in such cases.

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