Why is the research being undertaken?

What is the research expected to accomplish, if completed successfully and on time?
Why is the research being undertaken? What are the reasons behind it? What is the research underlying rationale?
How is the research to be implemented? What work is necessary in order to achieve the objectives?
Who is primarily responsible for the research implementation and management?
Who are the intended beneficiaries, the target group, who are expected to benefit from the research?
Within what period of time is the project to be carried out and are the objectives to be attained?
What resources are necessary to achieve the objectives?
What external factors are necessary for research success?

Does the problem statement/research question follow clearly from the literature review?
Are the proposed unit of analysis (subjects, participants, situations, organisations, etc.) clearly described in terms of the following:
a) their number (e.g., sample size)?
b) their background (e.g., sex, ethnicity, etc. in the case of research participants)?
c) how they are to be obtained/recruited?
Has it been indicated whether the necessary permission for the cooperation of the participants has been obtained or will be obtained?
Has the treatment (e.g., any intervention) of the units of analysis been described or specified clearly?
Have the variables to be subjected to analysis been operationalised (e.g., the measurement of data under investigation been investigated and is available)?
Is it clear how the measuring instruments to be used fit in with the theoretical background and/or literature review?
Is the proposed procedure for analysing the obtained information (e.g., statistical method) specified?
Is the proposal presented in terms of all of the headings set out as required in the Assessment?

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