Write a paper applying evidence from the theoretical readings (especially “Key Passages from Sigmund Freud’s Writings,” but you can also use the supplemental videos) to the Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy.

Write a paper applying evidence from the theoretical readings (especially “Key Passages from Sigmund Freud’s Writings,” but you can also use the supplemental videos) to the Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy. Your response to a peer on Friday should be at least 150 words and include additional textual evidence. Your response is not so much an evaluation of what your peer wrote; rather, it should further elaborate on and develop your peer’s interpretation.
Avoid Plot Summary: Part of mastering college-level literary analysis is avoiding a response that focuses on summarizing the plot. Since you are writing to an audience that has already seen the film a focus on plot summary is not necessary.
Analyze Evidence: Instead of relying on plot summary you will support your interpretation by using and analyzing evidence (for instance, you should comment on a specific scenes or moments in the film). When you support your analysis with the theoretical texts make sure you cite the page number: for instance, after the quotation put the page number in parenthesis (60). Avoid writing out “on page 60″. Make sure you provide adequate context for the quotes you’re using: in other words, avoid dropping quotes in a seemingly random way.
Write Like a Mini-Essay: Avoid responding to the prompts in the form of bullet points or in a mechanical, step-by-step way. Instead, respond to the prompts as if it was a short essay. Use multiple paragraphs (at least three) to organize your response.
Title Your Post: After you finish writing your response make sure to write an original title that captures the main idea you are focusing on. You want to avoid having a generic title like ‘Discussion of Lucy”.
After giving your general impression of the novel
Respond to the Following Thematics
• Transference: Which character does Lucy develop a transferential relationship with, similar to the relationship between a patient and therapist? How does this relationship help Lucy work-through painful memories of the past?
• Ego-identity and the repressed: Lucy has a strong and unique personality. But we later understand that this personality (what Freud would term the “I” or “Ich” in German and what what is translated into English as the “ego”) is in part constructed by Lucy as a response to her upbringing. For Freud, the ego as a psychical construct represses the ideas and feelings of the id. What ideas and feelings does Lucy’s ego repress from her past and how does this influence her relationship with others in the United States?
• Lucy’s super-ego: Freud though that the super-ego influenced one’s behavior and even our attitudes towards sex. How would we describe Lucy’s super-ego and the tradition it represents?
• Representing the Patterns of Lucy’s Psyche: A critical aspect of psychoanalysis is the interpretation of associations spoken during analysis. Freud develop the technique of free association in order to uncover the often hidden network of ideas that give us insights into the concealed structure of the unconscious. Kincaid’s Lucy gives us implicit insights into the protagonist’s mind through the network of associations that each chapter makes. Discuss at least one set of associations and describe what this reveals about Lucy’s psyche.

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