Write a response paper on theoretical framework facilitates in implementation of evidence-based interventions efficiently.

Write a response paper on theoretical framework facilitates in implementation of evidence-based interventions efficiently. This facilitates identifying the change and proposing projects that remain within predictable boundaries. When used in research, they guide the design or conduct of the study, inform empirical and theoretical thinking of research teams and enable effective interpretation of findings. Frameworks and models also offer a shared language that enables better communication with stakeholders during implementation planning and function as practical tools for executing and assessing real-world implementation. When used optimally, frameworks or models can advance and substantiate implementation science and practice. The use of models and frameworks enhances the connection of research to recent theoretical ideas and debates making it easier to identify the scientific area the evidence-based practice project wants to contribute to. However, suboptimal use or wrong selection of models or frameworks result in decreased viability and success of implementation efforts. This, in turn, can lead to resource wastage, specification errors, erroneous conclusions, incorrect data analyses, and attenuated reviews of funding applications (Moullin et al., 2020).

Poor use of frameworks goes beyond projects or proposals and misguides the progress of implementation. Incorrect models and frameworks give rise to bias within a study and can compromise the integrity of the study which, in turn, makes the results invalid. It is important for the researcher/experimenter to remain impartial, ensuring bias-free methodology. Thus, instead of supporting hypothesis testing and acting as a road map to EBP projects, incorrect frameworks and models slow the translation of research evidence into practice and ultimately, limit public health impact (Minogue et al., 2021).

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