Write about the Development of steel industry in China

The research assignment in Human Geography included subjects from world industry
and problems of world economy. The guidelines include, but are not limited to the
purpose of the paper to be written; the student must show the ability of doing
independent research; only relevant material must be included; the statements made
must be accurate, as well as the presentation of data and analysis; the information must
be presented in a logical order; the work needs to be coherent and complete; the
references must be complete and accurate.
Papers should follow the traditional arrangement of introduction, body, and conclusion.
The introduction will announce your topic and the point you are trying to make. The
body of the paper will present your data and evidence for that point and elaborate the
argument; it may be divided into separate sections. The conclusion will sum up the paper
and once again remind the reader of the point you have made.
A final consideration is the use of references. Where have you found all of the
information you’ve used in writing your paper. References (or citations) are all of those
sources that are mentioned somewhere in your paper. A bibliography, on the other hand,
is a list of all sources consulted, even though you may not mention them in the text of
your paper.
Maps and illustrations are often useful in making a point in a paper, as are things like
tables and graphs if you have a lot of statistical data. The use of these will depend on the
topic of your paper. Be sure to give the source of any maps, tables, or graphs that you use.
Students in Human Geography often approach their writing assignment through five-
question formula: What? Where? When? Why? and How?

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