Conduct a short retrospective on your technique – What worked well?

For this assignment, you will continue to elicit information that will be analyzed in Weeks 4-5 to create the requirements for the project. Using your group project (business case, process map and project charter are the group work) as the focus for this individual assignment, you will choose one of the elicitation techniques reviewed in Week 3 to continue to elicit requirements for the project. Elication techniques you can choose:observation, brainstorming, survey, workshops, document analysis, interface analysis.

As with the Week 2 Individual assignment, you will elicit information from a key stakeholder(s)(student) that will be used later in the term to create requirements (which may include stakeholder, solution – functional and non-functional, business rules, transition requirements.) Note: This assignment is not about collecting information to write the business case/ charter.

Prepare for and conduct your selected elicitation activity (using your group project), and document the information gained from your elicitation technique. This is a similar process to the Individual Assignment in Week 2 in which you used Interviewing as the elicitation technique – for this assignment, you will apply your choice of the Week 3 elicitation techniques. Again, the focus is information that will serve as the basis for writing stakeholder/solution requirements. For your submission, include:

-What tool/process did you select and why?
-Preparation: Prepare for conducting your elicitation technique – -What information are you eliciting? What actions did you take to prepare? How will this technique and your plan harvest this information? Be specific in your responses.
-Conduct the elicitation.
-Prepare/ submit your results along with the responses to #1 – #3 above and #5 below.
-Conduct a short retrospective on your technique – What worked well? What was tricky and what might you do differently next time? Tips you would offer in using this technique as a requirements elicitation technique?
This information will be used later this term to create requirements.

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