Customer Relationship Management (Reflective Analysis)

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“Search the Internet (e.g., American Marketing Association (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site.) or social media platforms of your choice (e.g., LinkedIn Links to an external site.) to see what marketing experts are saying about IMC, CRM, and/or Customer Information known as Big Data.

In this activity, you will enroll in a free trial of a CRM system called SalesforceTM. Salesforce is a very popular CRM application that is used in many businesses, small and large. View the Sales Cloud Overview Demo (SalesForce/2:00) Links to an external understand the product capabilities that provide an integrated customer relationship management strategy to improve business success. Register for free by going to the SalesForce website and clicking on the Start My Free Trial link. The free trial does not require any downloads or software! The trial lasts thirty days and runs using cloud-based technology.

Access the Salesforce free trial.
Insert some information (a few contacts, tasks, sales process, etc.) on your own to get a feel for the CRM system. See examples:
Pick your role–Company Owner, Sales Manager, Sales Rep, or IT
Take a Tour
Import Your Contacts
Create Tasks
Manage Your Sales Process
Track Your Calls, Emails, & Meetings
Set Up Mobile Selling
Provide a two-page reflective analysis on your experiences using the CRM system and the practical application that could be used at your organization (or other organizations). Your paper should also include how CRM helps improve a customer relationship, how relationship marketing has changed with the use of customer information, and how you might be successful in implementing a relationship marketing strategy. What are marketing experts saying about CRM, IMC, and/or Customer Information known as Big Data?”

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