Definition of ‘Gifted’


Definition of ‘Gifted’

Chapter 15 of the Human Exceptionality text book (Hardman, Egan & Drew, 2017, 12th edition) talks about Gifted, Creative and Talented individuals. One section covers the definitions and classifications of people who are gifted. Among these definitions in the text book, which one do you agree with? Please provide your justification and examples.

Please post a response, and respond to at least two other people’s postings. Please support your answers with appropriate citations and references of external sources.


Your main post should be substantive – at least 200 words, not including the Discussion questions or references. Each discussion response/reply to me or others must have a minimum of 125 words, spell checked, well written and citing references in support of arguments. Active participation is required.
In your reply to others: You could include additional research info (don’t just share a website link, explain what you found, summarize the info, and then share the website link), or, provide a few suggestions based on the class reading/additional reading, or explain why you agree or disagree with your classmate. Always provide at least ONE citation from the reading to ‘support’ your discussion.

Acceleration Debate
Aiva Lee and Kaire Bellini

Please read Hardman’s Chapter 15 – Human Exceptionality: School, Community and Family (2017, 12th edition), sections on Acceleration and Learning Through Social Media (How Grade Skipping Changed Everything) before starting this discussion.

Discussion requirements: Based on research presented in the textbook, and conducted on your own, decide where you stand in the “acceleration debate” – present your side, discuss why, and provide evidence (findings, experience) to support your discussion. Please try to refrain from using too many verbatim (word-for-word) statements from the text or Internet to “represent” your viewpoints.

Please include 1 question at the end of your main post and then, please respond to, or discuss substantively with at least two other classmates. Check the discussion forum frequently for any questions for you.

Important Note:Please be sure to cite all resources and paraphrase what you read rather than simply “cut & paste” — plagiarism is a serious matter. Please understand more about the Breach of Academic Integrity by reviewing the policy here:

In addition, the discussions posted in discussion forums (even if it was written by you) here cannot be used as part of any of your assignments for a grade again. If you did, it will be considered a breach of academic integrity, and you will earn a zero for the assignment.

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